The Big Give – can you help?

We are busy stacking up this years’ effort in the Big Give.   The Big Give every year engages charitable giving trusts and foundations who will MATCH pledged funds before the individual charity seeks donations in a single week in December each year.

Board member Alan McCarthy is leading on this and you may contact him on  The first step in this process is to secure a number of Pledges by the end of August. Our target for pledges this year is £10,000 which in turn could lead to a total of £40,000 if we maximise our match funding and public donations in December.  Can you help us ? To date we have the sum of £8,400 pledged, which is excellent, but we would love to round that up to £10,000. Please feel free to contact Alan if you are able and willing to become involved.

Our campaign is entitled Refreshing Shrewsbury House.

“Shrewsbury House is undergoing a much needed refurbishment but beyond basic replacement and maintenance, we need to respond to the needs of our children partially highlighted by the Covid pandemic. There are over 50 children per after school club session where we provide a warm and welcoming environment, but this is not enough. We need to provide sensory space, a computer room and disabled access with specialist staff to deliver life coping skills for all our children and teenagers.”

The link for pledges is: