The Big Give 2021 – we need YOUR help!

We are busy stacking up this year’s effort in the Big Give, which every year engages charitable giving trusts and foundations who will MATCH pledged funds before the individual charity seeks donations in a single week in December each year.

Our campaign is entitled Fresh Challenges for Shrewsbury House.

“After a tough year, Shrewsbury House is back up and running at full capacity. With 306 children registered, we provide a safe environment for learning through play to develop and learn skills but this is not enough. We need to respond to the wellbeing needs of our children and young people exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. At both primary and secondary education levels, there is a lot of catching up to do against a background of deprivation if these young people’s futures are to be salvaged.”

The Big Give  – So Far So Good –   Now we need ALL of you

Thanks to our wonderful team of Pledgers, we have secured our initial target of £15,000. At that point it became a question of would a charitable trust match it….. and the marvellous Four Acre trust have done just that. They too will give the club £15,000, with one proviso…. We must now MATCH the promised funds by raising our own £30,000 in just ONE week. That’s the deal. That week starts at midday on Monday 30th November and lasts until 12.00 noon on 7th December. Please press the Donate button and help now.

We need a huge number of us to show our support, give what we can and also spread the word and ask others to do the same. We have already made great progress in refurbishing our beloved building and it’s in great shape, but we do need to do more to equip us for the coming decades and keep our superb part time staff team going. Thank you. Thank you for your past support. Thank you again for supporting us now.