Staff team

Team leader:  John Dumbell

Full-time Youth Worker:   Nicola Coker

Part-time Youth Worker:  Jade Dumbell

Part-time Youth Worker:  Charlie Hughes

Part-time Youth Worker:  Nicola Calvert

Part-time Youth Worker:  Selma Brown

Part-time Youth Worker: Ken O’Connell

Part-time Youth Worker: Julie Fitzpatrick

Part-time Youth Worker:  Ryan Fitzpatrick

Part-time Youth Worker:  Sharon Dolby

Volunteer: Lisa Dumbell

Volunteer:  Thomas Butler

Caretaker: Lorraine Mangan

Administrator:  Carol Bennett

Administrator:  Jenny Edwards (pt)

Warden:  Rev Henry Corbett

Board of Management

The Shewsy is managed by a Board of Management made up of representatives from the local area, from Liverpool diocese and from Shrewsbury School.

Local representatives

  • John Hutchison  (Chair)
  • Francine McArdle
  • Erica Hedley
  • Brian Canfer
  • Professor Alan McCarthy

Diocesan representatives

  • John Halson
  • Henry Corbett
  • Hilary Hutchison

Shrewsbury School representatives

  • Lyndsey O’Loughlin
  • Andrew Jebb
  • Donald Ritchie
  • Alex Aldous
  • Naomi Pritchard
  • Stuart Cowper