School Holidays at the Shewsy

In the February Half Term, the Shewsy opened its doors to 50 local children to enjoy a wonderful range of activities including arts & crafts, sport, mindfulness, Yoga and of course, on Shrove Tuesday Pancake Making.

There was brilliant learning as Lauren oversaw the weighing and measuring, batter mixing (with a few “special ingredients”), safe cooking practices, pancake tossing – and, right the end, the EATING! Looking at the outcomes, we might have to be giving up one or two things for Lent!

The week finished off with trips to the Everton Park Baths and Cirq D Play. The staff at the Sports Centre commented on well the Shewsy kids did with four of our Senior Club leaders working with our Play Scheme members.

At Easter, the Club, as ever, has been fantastically supported by our friends at Brakes who supplied Easter Eggs for every single cub member. Our Young Leaders have organised a Sports Day Olympics and the full range of sporting and craft activities is in play.

Thank too to our wonderful caterer, Julie Dumbell, who has made heathy and nutritious dinners every day.

Also, we have our friends from Food for Thought who work out of the Nature Garden making cakes.

Senior Club members have enjoyed a “Home and Away” visit to the Unity Youth Club in L8 where Jill and Rickie treated us to scouse, footie, pool and lots of chat.