The Friends of Shrewsbury House grew from an idea by Professor Donald Ritchie, a member of the Club’s Board of management and our two annual events are gradually becoming embedded in the Club’s life cycle.

Donald himself summarises the purpose of the Club as follows “to provide support, engagement, encouragement and guidance to young people to develop their interests and aspirations and improve their prospects for a successful transition to adulthood” Many of the Friends believe that this is as important  today as ever it was.

It is not the intention that The Friends will be financial donors but rather that they would serve as an influential network to provide ideas and ways forward and to open doors to benefit the Shewsy community.

We hope to build the ‘Friends’ network from various sectors and bodies, principally within Merseyside – including industry and business, the legal profession, education, academia world, the arts, sport and the media.

As always there is a place for our old club members who have made their way in the world and are able now to give back to the club.

We now have 55 people registered as ‘Friends of Shrewsbury House’. Many of us contribute to the upkeep of the club by a regular standing order, but we are not strictly a fund raising organisation. We want supporters of all kinds.