Club news snippets and thoughts from John Hutch, chair of the Board of Management

John Hutchison was team leader in the Club from 1976–1988 and remains involved in the Shewsy. He now chairs the Board of Management. He is also busy with the Friends of Everton Park, contributing to the transformation of the old brownfield site into something special for the community and city. He is in good contact with the West Everton Community Council and the Shewsy and along with Hilary contributes to the Faith plot Community Gardens on Prince Edwin street.

John’s blog 3: Valuable people….and questions

The other night I bumped into Adrian Struve (ran the club in c 1962 and was preaching at the Abbey in Shrewsbury last Sunday (and just turned 92), George and […]

John’s blog 2: Couldn’t manage without the Management

The wonderful Fran Croft (ex club member), is recovering from a serious bout of Meningitis, and has needed to take a break from the Board of Management at the Club.  […]

John’s blog 1: Thanks to staff – old and new

John Dumbell is in post and underway as our new team leader and I have already seen how big are his shoulders. The place is booming and John is loving […]

“I’m not sure I’m a natural ‘blogger’ – I’m more of a ‘doer’.  My life consists of being mad busy, meeting folk, meetings and their preparation, shifting and lifting stuff, occasionally digging, cutting wood, washing up, repairing this and that, helping my wife Hil keep an hospitable house going, and then getting happily back to note taking, note making and one to ones with different folk.

So here’s what I hope might be a series of random, informal, instinctive, uncrafted, thoughts and snippets.  Blog?  no, probably not.   I’ll try to make the Shewsy the heart of the stuff I write, because that’s where my heart remains.

The club does a wonderful job in supporting children and young people, many of whom have a tricky start to life and whose parents suffer the heel end of the shoe in our privileged society’s set up.

We can  always do better and that’s our aim.  We want to see the Shewsy secure and flourishing.  It is important. I hope these news updates can help that cause”.