John’s blog 3: Valuable people….and questions

The other night I bumped into Adrian Struve (ran the club in c 1962 and was preaching at the Abbey in Shrewsbury last Sunday (and just turned 92), George and Pat Cotterell (ex members) and Peter Brennan (team leader c 1988 – 2001) at the Lost Tribes of Everton play which was a three night sell out!  All strong supporters of the club. We need everyone on board. These folk are Angels…join the club. Will you ?

Talking of which, big thanks to Alastair Ross (hostel c 1978) and Neville Black (staff c 1964 – 1968). We have got a bit sharper in asking for support from our ex hostel tribe. And the wonderful Mike Hodges ( hostel c 1978) is first up with a reply. Love ya Mike. I’ll say this now. I believe Questions and the asking of them, tells one a huge amount about the person in front of you and Mike Hodges is the best example of that skill that I have ever encountered. So what the applied skill does is this – it shows:

  • Interest and respect as a listener
  • Clarity that you don’t know and would like to know
  • Humility and an appetite to learn

I write this with Bob Dylan playing in the background…lovely…except it isn’t really Bob… ( I can decipher every word!) it’s John O Connell, (ex club member c 1974 – 1978) on his latest CD playing Dylan songs. John is a wonderfully accomplished professional musician, pre- eminent and massively respected on the Liverpool scene and in good touch with the club. I like to think (and I could ask him  this)… that the Shewsy was a big help in getting him to where he is. As I listen to “Forever Young”, not only do I want to sign him up for playing at my funeral…. But these words fit so well as a sign off:

May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true

May you always do for others, And let others do for you

May you build a ladder to the stars, And climb on every rung

May you grow up to be righteous, May you grow up to be true.

May you always know the truth, And see the lights surrounding you

May you always be courageous, Stand upright and be strong

May your hands always be busy, May your feet always be swift

May you have a strong foundation, When the winds of changes shift

May your heart always be joyful, And may your song always be sung

May you stay forever young, Forever young, forever young,

May you stay forever young

Bob Dylan

John Hutch