Building refurb

Club has embarked on an ambitious refurbishment programme at last. Our building is now over 40 years old and we work it very hard. Signs of advancing age and creaking joints are pretty clear.  As you would expect, we have started with repairs to the roof – some of them urgent and requiring the occasional bucket to catch the drips! And we have completed phase 1, the areas of roof covering the gym and the main club.

Our small building sub group is currently planning and writing up a Masterplan, after which we will get underway with a serious Appeal for Funds to refurbish a lot of the Club facilities.  This will include a new Gym floor, some reordering of the spaces in the club and a major refurbishment of our jaded accommodation in the Hostel.

In all of this we have had excellent ‘Angels’ who have come to our aid. This has included the magnificent help from ex-club member Damien Cummings and his company Altrad NSG, who have provided the scaffolding for our initial roof work, entirely free of charge.

We also have help from Jon France, retired from a senior career in the retail sector, who has been busy exploring all his contacts in that world to see what can be gleaned free of charge for the Shewsy.  Jon has already bagged some highly prized gifts and is working his way towards more.

We are extremely grateful for these brilliant offers of help. It has set us wondering how many more ex members and contacts MAY be able to support the current club’s work, recalling their time in the club and looking back with gratitude. Please DO get in touch if you can and could become a Shewsy ‘Angel’.

By the way our next Friends of Shrewsbury House dinner event is on the evening of Friday 24th April 2020 at Hope University, Shaw street campus when our guest speaker will be Judy Moody Stuart. Do get in touch if you would like to attend.