The Shewsy’s Young Leaders working together with Dublin youth club

Over the years, the Shewsy has developed fantastic links with St Andrews Youth Club in Dublin and this has now led to a Young Leaders in Training Programme called ‘Get The Leading Edge’.

Six of the Shewsy’s Senior Club members have been working with their counterparts in Dublin on a joint initiative to understand more about what leadership means to them. In video conference calls since Christmas, there have been discussions about role models and what it takes to become a great leader. Ideas have been shared around communication skills, personal strengths such as kindness and empathy and being true to your beliefs.

It’s great that these discussions are now going to lead to a weekend together in Liverpool in April.  The St Andrews team lead by Eddie Ftzpatrick and Eileen Nalty will meet with John, Nicola and the Shewsy’s Young Leaders. Together, they’ll be looking at what great leadership looks like in action.

Congratulations to Emmie Doolan, Lola Powell, Jake Connell, Alfie King, Byron Stewart and Joe May for taking part so enthusiastically.