Job opportunity – Chief Executive Officer

From September 1st 2024, Shrewsbury House is seeking to appoint a CEO to lead the Shewsy in a very exciting period in its development.

Candidates are invited to read the Job Description and apply as soon as possible using the Application Form.

Job description – Chief Executive Officer

CEO Application Form


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was officially recognised by the United Nations in 1975; since then, it has gone on to celebrate the impact that women have had on the world and across the globe. It’s a major part of the women’s rights movement and creates conversations about gender biases.

The date 8th March is significant on our calendar as Shrewsbury House now hosts annually an International Women’s Day event for the young female club members to exchange individual life experiences, to become confident in expressing their views on issues women face from day to day.

This year the organising of the event was handed over to two young females who are members of the Shewsy’s Senior Club Youth Council. They wanted to use this platform to tell their own stories as a means of empowering others to find and use their voices and, in particular, to raise awareness of what discrimination looks like for young women in our community.

As Youth Council members, Emmie and Lola are young leaders in the making involved in policy making, fundraising initiatives to create positive changes within the club, mentoring of their peers. These opportunities provided by the Shewsy and its team of Youth Workers led by Nic Coker, are helping them to understand their rights and develop the inner confidence to stand up and speak out in public.

This year, there were women from  Trinidad, Yemen, Ireland, Chinese descent, English Africa, Thailand and Iran all of whom gave their time to talk about their cultural experiences and to share their own customs and skills.  The attendees were able to try out  yoga, massage, nail art, hair braiding, henna hand design with a little physical exercise in the form of Zumba all accompanied of course with lovely cakes and traditional Caribbean dishes.

 “A lovely event at the Shewsy for International Women’s Day. It was great to see the active participation of young women from the DJ, the amazing singer (Tiana) and especially the young women who launched the event who spoke eloquently and were so engaging with the audience and participants.”

Ami Yesufu-Youth Participation Lead – Targeted Services for Young People


“The event went really well and it lived up to what we had hoped it would be. I am very grateful for the 90 women that showed up in support of international women’s day and participated so keenly in the many activities we had such as yoga, Zumba, nails, hair and more” Lola Powell (Senior Club Member & Youth Councillor)

“We were so pleased that so many women and girls turned out support me and Lola and to celebrate their gender on international women’s day. A big thank you to the women who donated their time, services and skills so we could enjoy so many great activities”

Emmie Doolan (Senior Club Member & Youth Councillor)

“When women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment.”

Nicola Coker (Deputy Team Leader) 

The Shewsy’s Young Leaders working together with Dublin youth club

Over the years, the Shewsy has developed fantastic links with St Andrews Youth Club in Dublin and this has now led to a Young Leaders in Training Programme called ‘Get The Leading Edge’.

Six of the Shewsy’s Senior Club members have been working with their counterparts in Dublin on a joint initiative to understand more about what leadership means to them. In video conference calls since Christmas, there have been discussions about role models and what it takes to become a great leader. Ideas have been shared around communication skills, personal strengths such as kindness and empathy and being true to your beliefs.

It’s great that these discussions are now going to lead to a weekend together in Liverpool in April.  The St Andrews team lead by Eddie Ftzpatrick and Eileen Nalty will meet with John, Nicola and the Shewsy’s Young Leaders. Together, they’ll be looking at what great leadership looks like in action.

Congratulations to Emmie Doolan, Lola Powell, Jake Connell, Alfie King, Byron Stewart and Joe May for taking part so enthusiastically.

Inbetweeners at the Shewsy

Thank You!

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Shewsy,
Just a short note – sincerely meant from all members and staff at the Shewsy – to say THANK YOU to all of you who donated during this last week’s Big Give Christmas Campaign 2023.
We raised a Grand Total of £95,227 which will now support the core business of the Shewsy in helping our wonderful club members in this most challenging of years ahead.
We really appreciate your online donations – and also feel the depth and warmth of your affection for us.
Happy Christmas – and sincere thanks,
Steve Holroyd
(Senior Executive Officer, Shrewsbury House)