John’s blog 1: Thanks to staff – old and new

John Dumbell is in post and underway as our new team leader and I have already seen how big are his shoulders. The place is booming and John is loving the job he describes ‘It is with great pride I take on ….one of my long term aspirations’.  Back him folks, lets back him. He is a ‘Pied Piper’ in the Everton district and it is a wonder to behold how many folk know and love him dearly. We are in good hands I promise you.

Dave Breo left us at the end of July and we gave him a great send off.  He will stay in good touch and is making his way back in the world of ordinary work. He will miss us and we will miss him. He has been a great influence over the past 7 years.  He is a great communicator and that’s where he needs to be next… teaching or preaching. Thanks, man. When you spot the next big slogan ‘Real Men… flowers, don’t carry knives can do this’ etc etc…. that will be Breo’s creation.

My old mate Julian Charley, warden and neighbour at the Shewsy from c. 1975-1987 died recently and there was an amazing thanksgiving service for him in Malvern. I couldn’t make it, but old work colleagues from here did attend. The collection came to the Shewsy as a donation.

I have some great ‘stick’ stories I can tell against Julian (which he has laughed at) but seriously…. what a wonderful piece of work Julian and Claire delivered in Everton. See you soon Jules, we will laugh and delight in the privilege of doing some time together in Everton.

John Hutch