Annual Report

We have recently published our Annual Report and accounts for the year ending March 2016.  You can read them here.

Links with Shrewsbury school

A recent article in Shropshire Magazine gave an excellent summary of the links between Shrewsbury School and the Shewsy Youth Club – from their beginnings in 1903 to the close ties still existing today.

Read the article here.

Shrewsbury School sponsored walk

A contingent of six of us joined the Shrewsbury School sponsored walk which is held to raise funds for the Club every 5 years.

We set off from Liverpool by car in the dark and were met by a spectacular dawn which promised great things to come.  On arrival at the School we were met by friendly faces and warm greetings – and a huge queue for buses to the starting point as the whole school had gathered to take part!

We enjoyed a wonderful day with lots of spectacular scenery, para-gliders and hang gliders to take our mind off the first uphill challenge. The walk was certainly well planned  – with enthusiastic support at every marshall point ensuring we had drinks, toilet facilities and the determination to carry on to the end.

Having set off presuming I would make half way I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the BBQ site for lunch. The second half of the route through the Long Mynd along Stiperstones and a downhill path through woodland was tricky on the old knees but only one blister later it was pleasant to discover we were being told ‘15 minutes in that direction’ once we hit a tarmac road.

The end of the walk promised not only a pub with loo, but also an ice cream van. A dash through a small ford at the finish line to gain our reward from the ice cream van was an excellent end to a wonderful walk.

A huge thanks to everyone who walked, marshalled, cooked and tidied up afterwards. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you as we passed you by throughout the day. Your cheerfulness and welcome kept us going!


Sponsored Walk

The whole Shrewsbury School community spent Thursday 22nd September in the Shropshire Hills on a 30-kilometre sponsored walk to raise much-needed funds for the Shewsy.

Over 900 walkers took part – including all the pupils, teachers, many support staff, a number of parents and governors and members of the Shewsy itself.

See the timelapse video of their walk here on YouTube:

Thanks to their efforts the Sponsored Walk raised the incredible total of £78,397!

Dave Brereton, Shewsy team leader said:  ‘This is an astonishing amount of money raised and far exceeds our wildest expectations. It will enable us to continue to offer engaging and challenging opportunities for club members. This funding is a lifeline for the young people of Everton. Club members and staff have been completely overwhelmed by the amount raised and this has given all at the club a massive boost to morale”.


Community consultation

We would love to hear your views on the future development of the Club. 

We are want to find out if there are changes in the need for services we currently provide.

We also want to identify need for new ones.  The results of the consultation will be used in completing our Business Plan for the next three years.

Please fill in the survey below – it will only take a couple of minutes!   

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